Can the Government LAWFULLY Force Churches to Close?

A Study of Romans 13:1-5
The Bible says children are to obey their parents.  What if the Dad tells his son to rob a convenience dan preach fairviewstore?  Of course, the son should disobey this immoral command.  In fact, the Bible says that children are to obey their parents IN THE LORD, for this is right. 

Likewise, the Bible says that God established civil government for the express purpose of punishing evildoers and protecting the good that we may live peaceably in all Godliness.  When a government becomes perverted, we are not obliged to unlimited submission.  Consider Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, as they disobeyed Nebuchadnezzar.  Consider the Hebrew midwives who disobeyed Pharaoh’s command to throw the male Hebrew babies in the Nile.  Consider Daniel who disobeyed the order forbidding prayer.  Consider today, Pastor John MacArthur as he is RIGHTLY DISOBEYING AN UNJUST COMMAND TO STOP MEETING FOR CHURCH SERVICES!  

(Even though MacArthur has been a leading proponent of unlimited submission to government for years).

Enjoy this most important study of Romans 13:1-5, as taught by Pastor Dan Fisher. 


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The Stages of Socialism’s Attack on Civil & Religious Liberty

Pastors Rafael Cruz, Scott Lively and Jack Hibbs

Enjoy these three concise personal testimonies of what a revolutionary coup looks like and the result it has on civil liberty AND religious liberty.
Sixty years ago, Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of Senator Ted Cruz, was a young Cuban student who supported Fidel Castro only to learn the hard truths of what Communism really is after it was too late. Watch his presentation below. (20 min)

Forty years ago, Pastor Scott Lively was an unsaved hippie in Oregon who saw firsthand the strategies employed by revolutionaries. (25 min)

Pastor Jack Hibbs currently leads the great Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills who is today facing socialistic governmental tyranny through attempts to control, fine and close his church. (12 min)

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The only time in the last 2000 years that Christians have not been persecuted for their faith has been the last 250 years in America.

The Reverend John Whitherspoon was the President of Princeton, a member of the Continental Congress and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Whitherspoon once said, “There is not a single case where civil liberty has been lost and religious liberty preserved entirely.” We are seeing this very thing happening with Pastor John MacArthur and churches in liberal socialist leaning states across the country.
Christianity has always been persecuted by the civil authorities. Only in America and only for the last 250 years have we been free to exercise our religious liberty AND participate in the civil government without fear of persecution or prosecution. America is not the rule. We are the exception to the rule. That freedom was not accidental.
There is not a more important message for our day than this: “The Biblical Principles of Civil Government.”


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The Infiltration, Political Correctness & Marginalization of the Church

Day 2: America at the Crossroads: A 911 Call to Pastors

Monday morning of the America at the Crossroads Conference focused on what Marxism and the Marxist Strategy actually are,
and where they are at work in America.
Stephen Broden, Senior Pastor of Fair Park
Bible Fellowship in Dallas, addressed the subject Infiltration, Political Correctness & Marginalization of the Church.

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How Marxism and the “social justice gospel” have Infiltrated our Seminaries – Trevor Loudon (Part 2)

How Marxism and the “social justice gospel” have Infiltrated our Seminaries – Trevor Loudon (Part 2)

Trevor Loudon, an expert on Marxism and the Marxist strategy, shared in detail on one of the Marxist strategies to see America fall without firing a shot. The goal was to infiltrate and capture “the robes” – i.,e., the judges, the univerisities and the pulpits. With each passing day, the success they have experienced in each of these goals becomes increasingly obvious. Below is Trevor Loudon’s second session at the America at the Crossroads Conference – A 911 Call to Pastors!


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Biblical Voter

As you well know, we are at such a pivotal point in our country with the upcoming election.

We are excited to share this amazing voter resource.
This website includes state voter guides (including local races), Biblical Voter Registration Kits for churches, Party Platform Comparison/Contrasts and so much more. Please visit/share this website. It helps make it simple for people to understand and be confident that they are voting according to their Biblical values.

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Expert on Marxism – Trevor Loudon (Part 1)

Expert on Marxism – Trevor Loudon (Part 1)

As August gave way to September, an eager crowd of 350 pastors, wives and support staff gathered for three days of training about Marxism, BLM, Critical Race Theory and Covid-19. We started the training with a thorough education on Marxism and the Marxist Strategy. The chaos across America is not accidental, it is intentional. There is a concentrated effort to bring America down. We hope to be raising the “Sons of Issachar” for this generation.

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Setting The Stage: Marxism

A 12-minute Brief on Marxism and Why the Church, the Police and the Family are Specifically Targeted for Destruction

350 gathered for three days recently at the luxurious Gaylord Resort in the Dallas suburbs for training on Marxism, Marxist Strategy, Black Lives Matter, critical race theory and Covid-19. Today’s video is a brief primer taught by Pastor Paul Blair introducing the subjects of Marx, Marxism, and the Marxist Strategy that we are seeing implemented with great success in the United States today.

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The Black Robed Regiment

Did you know the Lexington Minutemen were led by the local Pastor and a Deacon?

There is a lot about the richness of Christianity in America that you haven’t been taught.
On opening night of the America at the Crossroads Conference, 37-year pastor and history buff Dan Fisher gave his hour long theatrical and interactive presentation on The Black Robed Regiment. A Boston Tory Magistrate named Peter Oliver coined the term “black regiment” in describing the Patriot Pastors who led in the fight to maintain “civil AND religious liberty.” Every Sunday they ascended into their pulpits dressed in their black clerical robes and stirred the hearts of their congregations to fight for liberty!
We invite you to enjoy this most entertaining history lesson demonstrating the influence the Pulpit had in America’s framing!

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The Compartmentalization of Christianity

Where did Christians get the idea that we were to compartmentalize our lives? Certainly not from the Bible. As Paul said, “Whatever you do…glorify God in ALL that you do!!”

Keeping our “material world lives” separate from our “Spiritual world lives” was the Gnostic idea for the Church.

Last weekend a crowd of 350 gathered for three days at the luxury Gaylord Hotel in the Dallas metro area.

A homerun lineup of ministers and subject matter experts taught pastors from across the country about the Black Lives Matter organization, critical race theory, Marxism and Covid-19.

We will be sharing one of the videos every day and we invite you to join us. Hosea declared that God’s people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge. We must measure all these doctrines in the light of Scriptural Truth.

Enjoy our opening presentation dealing with subject, “Modern Gnosticism: The Compartmentalization of Christianity.”

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