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A Reclaiming America for Christ Liberty Pastors Network

L I B E R T Y   P A S T O R S 

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To become a Liberty Pastor you must complete the Liberty Pastors training and then voluntarily agree to preach the whole counsel of God addressing every issue we face in our culture from a biblical perspective and work together with the Body of Christ to engage the culture with the hopes of transforming it.
You will receive a certificate of completion after graduating from training. Your church will be officially recognized as a Liberty Church on our website and your membership will be reviewed and renewed annually.
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 What we recommend for every Liberty Church…


  1. Amend Bylaws
  2. Facilitate Home School
  3. Start a Salt & Light Club


  1. Apologetics – Defender of the Faith
  2. Be a Christ Follower in EVERY area of life.
  3. Commit to THE Truth & BE true.