The Compartmentalization of Christianity

Where did Christians get the idea that we were to compartmentalize our lives? Certainly not from the Bible. As Paul said, “Whatever you do…glorify God in ALL that you do!!”

Keeping our “material world lives” separate from our “Spiritual world lives” was the Gnostic idea for the Church.

Last weekend a crowd of 350 gathered for three days at the luxury Gaylord Hotel in the Dallas metro area.

A homerun lineup of ministers and subject matter experts taught pastors from across the country about the Black Lives Matter organization, critical race theory, Marxism and Covid-19.

We will be sharing one of the videos every day and we invite you to join us. Hosea declared that God’s people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge. We must measure all these doctrines in the light of Scriptural Truth.

Enjoy our opening presentation dealing with subject, “Modern Gnosticism: The Compartmentalization of Christianity.”