The only time in the last 2000 years that Christians have not been persecuted for their faith has been the last 250 years in America.

The Reverend John Whitherspoon was the President of Princeton, a member of the Continental Congress and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Whitherspoon once said, “There is not a single case where civil liberty has been lost and religious liberty preserved entirely.” We are seeing this very thing happening with Pastor John MacArthur and churches in liberal socialist leaning states across the country.

Christianity has always been persecuted by the civil authorities. Only in America and only for the last 250 years have we been free to exercise our religious liberty AND participate in the civil government without fear of persecution or prosecution. America is not the rule. We are the exception to the rule. That freedom was not accidental.
There is not a more important message for our day than this: “The Biblical Principles of Civil Government.”