Kevin Freman - August 18, 2023

Day 2- Economic Summit with Kevin Freeman

How Liberty Pastors can lead in this Awakening and stop the Great Reset. • This summit is designed to equip you with knowledge and tools to win the Economic War of The Heart and prayerfully ignite the next Great Awakening! • Receive the outline for a 3-part Economic War of the Heart™ sermon or education series debuting this fall! • We are in a spiritual war, but it is disguised as an Economic War. To win this economic war we encourage to you to rally the support of the financial professionals in your church. You will learn more about this at the summit.

From Series: "Economics"

“I heard said by one preacher that the name Bible is an acronym for Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth! Truly the Bible is a book of history, prophecy, law and love. We not only learn how we can be forgiven of our sin and forever be with Jesus, but we are given instructions in how to live on earth. These Biblical truths include economics.”


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