Our Mission

What part of your life is Jesus not the Lord over?

The mission of Liberty Pastors is training pastors to think Biblically in EVERY area of life, including the realms of civil government, economics, human sexuality, charity, and family…and then live out their faith!  So many claim to be followers of Christ but do not! Statistician George Barna reports that 2/3 of pastors and 94% of professing Christians DO NOT have a Biblical Worldview.
L I B E R T Y   P A S T O R S

Your call to action!

The stone was not rolled away for Jesus to get out, but so the world could see the tomb was empty.  Christianity is not based upon feelings or emotions but is based upon the facts that God does exist, and the tomb was really empty declaring Jesus is Lord!  In addition, Jesus is the Lord of ALL our lives and not just the Lord of Sunday mornings.  Come and join our training camps for great fellowship and training in Christian apologetics and Biblical Worldview for every area of our lives as we strive to engage the culture and transform it by making disciples – followers of Christ!
“America is in desperate need of another Great Awakening.
…America needs you!”
Pastor Paul Blair


Beginning with Enoch, God has called out his chosen men to stand strong and proclaim truth in a sinful world. As pastors, we are not called to be “church builders” acting as CEO’s competing with the church down the block. We are called to proclaim the truth of Salvation in Jesus Christ alone to a lost world and to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry”. As light, we are to equip our people and lead them out to confront the culture and point people to Jesus Christ. As salt, we are to equip our people and lead them out to “reprove the unfruitful works of darkness”. America was founded on this truth.

The great revival that history calls the Great Awakening was the event that unified America to become “One Nation Under God”. The message that, “ye must be born again” resonated and the Colonists realized that it was not church membership, but a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that made you a Christian.

The Great Awakening transitioned into the continuing work of the Patriot Pastors. The King of England willfully placed himself above the law as he unilaterally broke the charters that were in place between the Colonies and Great Britain. As the Colonists sought to print Bibles and tracts for the Indians, the King said ‘no’. As Pennsylvania voted to outlaw slavery, the king said ‘no’. The king rejected the authority of elected offices in America and placed his own handpicked governors over the colonists. Finally, the rumor of a plan to “establish” the Church of England over the colonies and outlaw other religious denominations was one of the last straws. The king placed troops in America even though there was no conflict with the Indians or France–the effort was clearly to subjugate the Colonists.

As the King tightened his grip, stripping liberty from the Colonists, the Colonists themselves were uniting as a result of the Great Awakening. Rather than 13 very divided entities, they became ONE nation under God. It was the Patriot Pastors that were the backbone; the Black Regiment, as the British called those men that ascended to their pulpits in their black clerical robes and stirred the people’s hearts to liberty from tyranny. “We’ll have no King but Jesus!” was the cry and after a long train of usurpation of the law had continued and requests for relief gone unanswered, the Colonies finally were forced to declare their independence.

Not only was it the influence of the Pulpit that led to the birth of this Great Nation, but it has been the pulpit that has led in the fight against every social ill in America, whether that be slavery, discrimination, suffrage, liquor, abortion, etc.

America is in desperate need of another Great Awakening. America is in desperate need of another generation of men like Enoch, Elijah, Nathan, Isaiah, Jeremiah, John Witherspoon, George Whitefield, James Caldwell, Jonathan Mayhew, Samuel Cooper, Jonas Clark and John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg.

America needs you!