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On Thursday, April 2, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt gave a briefing to Oklahoma Pastors on the Corona Virus. With only 5 days notice, almost 600 pastors participated on the call. The highlights are noted below.

I believe God is shaking our country and this world. Man has become self confident. In our prosperity, we have all developed a certain amount of arrogance. In the back of our minds, we all have a certain amount of independence trusting our own intelligence and wealth.

God is still on His throne. Jesus still offers eternal live to “whosoever will.” Our God is still very capable of healing our land and forgiving our sin, IF WE who are called by His name will humble ourselves, pray, SEEK HIS FACE (meaning to obey Him and walk in His steps) and TURN FROM OUR EVIL WAYS!

Some 70% of America professes to be Christian. So how is abortion legal? How is same sex marriage legal? How can we stand by and watch 1 million innocent babies be slaughtered in abortion mills every year while at the same time mock God’s design of the home by redefining marriage and celebrating sexual immorality. God created us as Sexual beings and gave the gift of sexual intimacy as a gift to held in holiness and enjoyed ONLY between a man and a woman within the boundaries of the marital covenant. ANYTHING (adultery, homosexuality, fornication) is sin.

I pray that each of us would be on our faces before a Holy God asking for His mercy and grace. May we each be searching our own hearts for sin, confessing it and turning from it. It is darkest just before the dawn, let us pray that we are on the dawn of a revival in America.
  • For 80% of the people who get the Corona virus, the symptoms will be like a normal cold or flu
  • Of those who have died in Oklahoma from complications with this virus, 70% were over 65 and the nine who weren’t all had other extenuating illnesses (diabetes, heart disease, etc.).
  • The state now has some 13,000 test kits on hand with the ability to administer 2300 per day through the lab.  If anyone begins to show symptoms, they should call 211 or contact their health care provider 
  • Currently, the state is receiving 10,000+ unemployment claims per day.
  • The Governor asks that we “hunker down” through April 30.  He is pointing to May 1 for re-opening Oklahoma business.  He wants to be the first Governor to announce his state as “open” for business.  
  • He anticipates a “peak” of 4,000 people in the hospital by the end of April.  The current bed capacity in our state is 2500.  He is asking hospitals for a “surge plan” and is confident they can increase their maximum capacity by 40% for the emergency.
  • Oklahoma’s economy is currently experiencing a “double whammy” as in addition to the shuttering of Oklahoma businesses in response to the Covid-19 crisis, the price of oil has plummeted as the conflict between Saudi and Russia resulted in their flooding the market with crude.
  • The Governor invited us to visit the www.beaneighborcampaign.com to find out ways to serve our communities.  
  • Governor Stitt said that “he will not ban church services” and there is no possible way he will allow a pastor in OK to be arrested.
  • He is and will enforce the directive closing abortion providers during this period requiring the closing of “non-essential” businesses.

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Joining together with you in faithful service for our Savior and prayer for our country.
Your friend and co-laborer in His Service,
Pastor Paul Blair

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Dan Fisher
Teaching Pastor of
Fairview Baptist Church Edmond
Dexter Sanders
President of Reclaiming Florida for Christ & the Back 2 God Challenge
Alex McFarland
Christian apologist & author
Bob McEwen
Former U.S. Congressman, Senior Legal Advisor
Matt Staver
Senior Pastor, Founder & Chairman of Liberty Counsel, American legal scholar
Stephen Black
Executive Director at First Stone Ministries
Rick Scarborough
Founder of Vision America & President of Recover America

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“America is in desperate need of another Great Awakening.
…America needs you!”
Pastor Paul Blair


Beginning with Enoch, God has called out his chosen men to stand strong and proclaim truth in a sinful world. As pastors, we are not called to be “church builders” acting as CEO’s competing with the church down the block. We are called to proclaim the truth of Salvation in Jesus Christ alone to a lost world and to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry”. As light, we are to equip our people and lead them out to confront the culture and point people to Jesus Christ. As salt, we are to equip our people and lead them out to “reprove the unfruitful works of darkness”. America was founded on this truth.

The great revival that history calls the Great Awakening was the event that unified America to become “One Nation Under God”. The message that, “ye must be born again” resonated and the Colonists realized that it was not church membership, but a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that made you a Christian.
The Great Awakening transitioned into the continuing work of the Patriot Pastors. The King of England willfully placed himself above the law as he unilaterally broke the charters that were in place between the Colonies and Great Britain. As the Colonists sought to print Bibles and tracts for the Indians, the King said ‘no’. As Pennsylvania voted to outlaw slavery, the king said ‘no’. The king rejected the authority of elected offices in America and placed his own handpicked governors over the colonists. Finally, the rumor of a plan to “establish” the Church of England over the colonies and outlaw other religious denominations was one of the last straws. The king placed troops in America even though there was no conflict with the Indians or France–the effort was clearly to subjugate the Colonists.

As the King tightened his grip, stripping liberty from the Colonists, the Colonists themselves were uniting as a result of the Great Awakening. Rather than 13 very divided entities, they became ONE nation under God. It was the Patriot Pastors that were the backbone; the Black Regiment, as the British called those men that ascended to their pulpits in their black clerical robes and stirred the people’s hearts to liberty from tyranny. “We’ll have no King but Jesus!” was the cry and after a long train of usurpation of the law had continued and requests for relief gone unanswered, the Colonies finally were forced to declare their independence.
Not only was it the influence of the Pulpit that led to the birth of this Great Nation, but it has been the pulpit that has led in the fight against every social ill in America, whether that be slavery, discrimination, suffrage, liquor, abortion, etc.

America is in desperate need of another Great Awakening. America is in desperate need of another generation of men like Enoch, Elijah, Nathan, Isaiah, Jeremiah, John Witherspoon, George Whitefield, James Caldwell, Jonathan Mayhew, Samuel Cooper, Jonas Clark and John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg.

America needs you!